Day Out: Chairs Coffee


Chairs Coffee is, perhaps, the most aptly named cafe in town.  To my happy surprise, the seating area is, in fact, adorned with unique chairs of all shapes and sizes.  Who would have guessed?


Almond Petit Four

Off of the main drag that is Division and down the street from one of Spokane’s best yarn stores is Chairs Coffee, a most charming cafe offering locally roasted coffee, sandwiches, pastries (petit fours!), and one of the most intriguing interior I’ve come across in sometime.  The lively green walls are adorned with local artwork, as well as a well-loved upright piano and a generous bookshelf stuffed with books and boardgames.  Separated from the cafe proper by the shortest of hallways, the dining area is a feast for the eyes and a cozy meeting place for an afternoon study group.

An inverse relationship exists between the temperature outdoors and the temperature most coffee drinkers prefer their beverages.  That was, indeed, the case during this outing.  After scurrying indoors to escape the 80+ degree heat, a cold brew (coffee, not beer) sounded heavenly.  Chairs’ cold brews, as well as its other coffee and espresso offerings, are brewed using Roast House organic coffee.  Roasted about a mile away from Chairs, the cafe can’t get much more local than using Roast House products.

DSCN2045Along with serving outstanding local coffee, Chairs also offers its customers top-notch sandwiches.  On this trip, a friend and I split a house specialty- the Chair Sandwich.  Turkey, provolone, and pesto aioli play a starring role in this springy sandwich, with red onion, tomato, and greens tossed in for good measure.  Soup and chips are available as sides, as are fresh veggies and your choice of hummus.  We enjoyed the change of pace, having veggies and hummus with our sandwich rather than the standard addition of chips, and I’ll have to make another trip soon to try the day’s soup.  Deeee-licious, to be sure!

The chair sandwich was fantastic, and my friend (a recent graduate of WSU’s interior design program) and I both took our time enjoying the vibe of Chairs’ dainty interior.  We even gave some serious consideration to sticking around and playing a game of chess while we enjoyed our iced coffees.  Perhaps another time…  Finally, if your prefer your coffee and convo al fresco, Chairs also has a small covered patio in the rear of the cafe, an ideal location to sip your morning coffee and much on a fresh-baked scone.  Truly, that sounds pretty nice.  I think I’ve settled on my next early morning coffee destination.


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