Day Out: The Scoop


Oh, hello, summer!  When did you get here?

Just last week, my morning routine consisted of sipping a hot cup of coffee while staring woefully at the thermometer, which, in late April, was still registering below 30 degrees most mornings.  However, in a matter of a few short days, spring weather finally (FINALLY) came to stay, and now, my morning routine includes slathering on sunscreen and sporting shorts so that I neither overheat nor sustain a sunburn on my walk around the neighborhood.  Times are changing!

DSCN2036Along with the shorts and sunscreen, this most recent heatwave has really got me jonesin’ for some ice cream.  A trip to the grocery store for a pint of Cherry Garcia seems to easy, and I’ve yet to replace the parts I broke on the ice cream maker last summer.  Therefore, a venture out to an ice cream parlor seems like the best solution.  As Saturday was a beautiful day and my scooter was doing little else but looking sad and alone in the garage, my (very tall) little brother and I suited up for a ride to The Scoop on Spokane’s South Hill.  From the Valley, my brother and I enjoyed a slow (because my scooter wasn’t very fast; as he was riding a very fast motorcycle, he expressed his frustration at my speed by repeatedly wheelie-ing past me), leisurely ride up Carnahan and across 29th until we made it to our destination.

The Scoop is located in the middle of a picturesque South Hill neighborhood, next to a school and in the same building as a couple other small businesses.  An idyllic neighborhood hangout, The Scoop features numerous local purveyors, including Brain Freeze Creamery and Roast House Coffee.  Besides ice cream, the parlor serves coffee, sandwiches, and pastries, allowing it to accommodate customers’ tastes throughout the day.

DSCN2037The interior of The Scoop is bright and comforting, painted with vivid colors and filled with ample seating.  My brother and I took our time surveying the day’s ice cream choices and taking in the cafe’s other offerings.  Being an unrelenting label shopper, I was immediately intrigued by an ice cream named “Muddy Cups, Dirty Dishes”, a brownie batter-flavored ice cream with miniature peanut butter cups sprinkled throughout.  Based mostly on the name, but also the chocolately flavor, I was sold.  Along with one of The Scoop’s house-made waffle cones, this icy treat was just what I’d been hoping for.  A bit more conventional, my brother opted for a bowl of cake batter ice cream.  Do you remember the last time you had a root beer?  I don’t.  Taking a cue from my brother, who couldn’t resist getting a “real” Coca-Cola along with his ice cream, I opted for a bottle of cold root beer with mine.  While ringing us up, our server handed us a small bottle opener- both handy and charming.  It was absolutely gorgeous outside, so we claimed a table on the open patio under the shade of a large, light-adorned tree.

I’d been looking forward to an ice cream cone for a while, so I took my sweet time finishing up my sweet treat.  It was wonderful to be able to enjoy a short day trip with my little brother, who’s now largely grown, so that we could catch up and spend a bit of time together.  We really don’t do it often enough.  I attended college on the other side of the state, so I missed a lot of his own high school years.  I’m still marveling at the changes that occurred during that time, and I am fascinated by the transformation.  I still think of him as a chubby-cheeked kid who loved playing with Tonka trucks, but in reality, he’s now a tall, slender young man who works on full-sized Tonka trucks.  It’s wild.

Finishing up our chilly treats, we made our way back down the hill.  The return was a lot faster than the trip there.  I’m delighted that we gave The Scoop a try and that I was able to enjoy such a fun day trip with my brother.  I have a feeling that the sweltering days to come will offer me many excuses to visit The Scoop for a scoop of ice cream with a small side of nostalgia.


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