Night Out: IronFest Finale and Twigs

Would anyone care for an Iron Man-hattan?

Would anyone care for an Iron Man-hattan?

It’s finally here.  The end of an era.  After months of anticipation and weeks’ worth of preparation, the grand finale of IronFest 2013 has come and gone.  And what a finale it was!  Complete with with cocktails, themed outfits, and a big-screen premiere, it was definitely an event worth looking forward to.

Last Thursday, Amy, Amy’s husband, two of our married friends, and I sported our crimson and gold and headed out to Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar before heading out to the town’s first showing of Iron Man 3.   Twigs is one of the premiere martini bars in Spokane, and there are multiple locations throughout town.  This evening, we visited the Valley location, which features a spacious dining room and an impressive wall of colorful and well-organized liquors.  When possible, I recommend sitting in the lounge, where you are able to enjoy a warm fireplace, multiple televisions (if you follow sports), and the aforementioned booze array.

After sitting down, my friends and I ordered our drinks and quickly caught up on the news of the week: someone finished with school for the semester, someone else had plans to go out of town in the coming weeks, yet another had a new development at work to share.  Once we were all up to speed on the week’s happenings, we were free to jump into the topic of conversation we were all eager to get started on: what do you think the movie’s going to be like?!  It did make me laugh that despite the facts that we are all working adults with bills and responsibilities, we still get excited about seeing new movies and are willing to stay out late so that we can be the first to see them.

As fun as it is to go to midnight movie screenings, I do have one problem with them: they’re so late!  I realize that this makes me sound like an old woman, but the truth of the matter is, I’m just not a night owl.  I’d much rather get up early than stay up late.  That said, I was secretly thrilled that the “midnight showing” of Iron Man 3 was actually a 9:30pm showing.  Score!  With plenty of time to spare, we claimed our spots in the theater and speculated on the film to come.  Amy’s husband and I, both avid Iron Man fans, shared our thoughts and looked forward to finding out whether our plot hypotheses would prove correct.  As it turns out, most of them would not.

In my opinion, the movie was a blast, and I was glad that my friends and I made the effort to get together and go see it.  There were twists and turns, laughs and suspense, and a plot twist that none of us saw coming (I gasped when it was revealed).  More than anything, I was glad that we all had something to look forward to and enjoy together.  As we all get older, it becomes more and more difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedules.  There’s work, school, family obligations, and myriad other responsibilities that take up time and prevent us from getting together as often as we’d really like to.  It takes effort on everyone’s part to meet up and set aside time to enjoy each others’ company.  On this particular outing, many of us have now known each other for the better part of a decade.  We’ve been able to watch each other grow into the people that we now are and witness the various trials and tribulations that we each experienced along the way.  At times, we’ve grown apart for one reason or another, but it’s comforting that we’ve been able to find our ways back to each other and continue what have become fulfilling and cherished friendships.  Whether it’s to celebrate a wedding, someone’s birthday, or a movie we all want to see, I, personally, am glad that I have people with whom I am able to not only enjoy myself, but be myself, no matter how goofy, nerdy, or otherwise embarassingly unconventional I may be.


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