Night In: IronFest 2013 – Night 4


Oh, man.  Tomorrow is May.  The fifth month of 2013 is upon us.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to May.  A lot of cool things are coming up in May: Bloomsday, Seattle Beer Week, Eugene Beer Week, a slew of college graduations, and, of course, the grand finale of IronFest 2013.

Last week, Amy and I celebrated the last IronFest get-together before the big finish (that being our trip to actually see Iron Man 3 in all its iron-tastic glory), and what a party it was.  Complete with fresh pizza, cold beer, and wonderful company, it was everything one would hope a small weeknight party would be.


This time around, it was Amy’s turn to host IronFest.  All week, I’d been curious what she was planning for our party-time cuisine, and her request that I bring bean sprouts and scallions had me scratching my head.  Enthusiastic about the creation, she soon let slip that our main dish would be… Thai pizza made from scratch!  Whoo!  This newly acquired information served as my inspiration for what would become that evening’s accompanying beverage, the Tropic-ale Breeze.


By the time I arrive at Amy’s, pizza prep was well underway: the bread was rising, vegetables had been shredded, and the makings of a top-notch homemade peanut sauce were being combined on the stove top.  Needless to say, I was highly impressed by the prospect of scratch-made peanut sauce; it had never occurred to me to attempt such a creation, and I was eager to try Amy’s rendition.  While Amy stirred the sauce, I began squeezing oranges to have with our cocktails.  Hard at work on our respective tasks, we chatted away about the week that was: happenings at work, weekend plans, and one intriguing question regarding whose voices we’d steal if given the opportunity (I imagined a transaction along the lines of Ursula stealing Ariel’s voice in The Little Mermaid, but with far less dire consequences).

Once the pizza was in the oven, we had just enough time to clean up and run over our plan for next week’s theatrical outing before the pizza was ready to eat.  After allowing it a moment to cool, we dove right in.  I don’t think either of us realized how hungry we were, for in a matter of minutes, most of the pizza was gone.  Stomachs full and drinks in hand, we fired up the night’s feature film, The Avengers.  As usual, having seen the movie before meant that we were free to chat away and add unnecessary commentary to the film.  Did you notice that no one is actually wearing an earpiece in this scene?  Why didn’t Loki run away when left alone on the mountaintop?  Cap’s uniform doesn’t seem all that tactically advantageous; it’s very flashy.  This went on for some time.

With IronFest 4 all wrapped up, that leaves only one IronFest meeting left!  Next, we’ll be off to see the new film, an adventure which will likely be preceded by festive cocktails, coordinating crimson outfits, and some fantastic people-watching.  I trust that this won’t be the only such adventure that the month of May has in store for me, but it looks like it will be off to a good start!


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