Night In: IronFest 2013 – Night 3


I feel very excited and a little bit sad that IronFest is now halfway over.  It’s like the feeling you have when you’re looking forward to Christmas: you’re eager for it to be here so that you can celebrate and enjoy it, but you know that its arrival also means that it’ll soon be over, so you’ll have to wait what will feel like an eternity until it comes again.  Only, in this case, the event in question is a superhero movie and there won’t be any presents.  There will probably be cake, though.

Night 3 of IronFest 2013 was, perhaps, the least Iron-tastic of them all, at least in terms of film.  As we had four weeks to fill and only three movies featuring Iron Man (neither of us had any desire to watch the entirety of The Incredible Hulk just to see a 30 second cameo), we had to pick another film from the Marvel line-up.  In retrospect, I guess we could have just chosen another Robert Downey, Jr. film and been just as happy (if not happier) with our choice, but, I suppose, everything’s clearer in hindsight.  Anyhow, we tuned in to Captain America: The First Avenger last Thursday evening, thus commencing the night’s festivities.

This time, it was my turn to play hostess, and I couldn’t have been more glad to do so.  I’d been tossing ideas about what to make around in my head all week, and I had finally come to a satisfying conclusion: crepes!  Not just any crepes, but Supreme BLT Crepes.  Oh, yeah, now we’re talkin’.  The prep work went surprisingly swiftly, so by the time my good friend, Amy, arrived with the last of the ingredients (some crumbled goat cheese and exactly four pieces of bacon), it took only a short while to throw everything together and enjoy our feast.

I have neither plans nor an occasion to wear lederhosen anytime soon, but I applaud RDJ for sporting some. Sir, please, keep bein’ awesome.

After the treat that was an arugula BLT atop a crepe, we were about ready to wind down.  Each armed with a Spokane Sour, we claimed our spots around the TV for movie time.  As we’d both seen Captain America before, neither of us was all that concerned about interrupting the film to discuss more pressing issues… like what we plan to wear to the finale of IronFest.  Red and gold, obviously.  Discussing this, we realized that this is far from the first time that we’ve sported coordinating outfits for an outing.  Far from the first, in fact.  Just a few examples: last October, we both sported knitted Jack o’ Lantern vests with pumpkin headbands.  To see the stage show Rock of Ages, we wore shiny gold bottoms with ’80s band t-shirts.  Last time we went to Manito Tap House, we both purposefully wore brightly colored maxi dresses.  You see the trend, here?  We like have a good time, and that usually involves some foresight as to what we’ll be wearing.

Dessert?  Did someone mention dessert?  I did.  I’d given considerable thought to what a good springtime dessert would be.  How about a strawberry rhubarb galette?  Yes, please!  Strawberries are starting to pop up at the grocers, and I’m lucky enough to have plenty of rhubarb growing in my back yard, so everything fell into place to make this most excellent vernal delight.  Served with homemade whipped cream, this sweet and tart lazy pie was an ideal way to end what had been a terrific evening of cooking and conversation, with a bit of movie-viewing to boot.


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